Staff Directory

Please see the Community Contacts for specific contact information for each property.

Michelle McGlothin, PCAM President 301-596-2600 ext. 451
Rick Cummings, CMCA Vice President 301-596-2600 ext. 321

Community Management

Miki Cawley, PCAM Community Manager 301-596-2600 ext. 222
Julie Cummings, CMCA, AMS Community Manager 301-441-1096 ext. 3
Marie Fowler, PCAM Community Manager 301-596-2600 ext. 421
Maura Hancock, PCAM Community Manager 301-596-2600 ext. 221
Matt Mericle, AMS Community Manager 301-596-2600 ext. 423


Tonika Myers, CPA Accounting Manager 301-596-2600 ext. 323
Kelly Carpenter Community Accountant 301-596-2600 ext. 123
Dawn Croft Community Accountant 301-596-2600 ext. 223
Samantha Prettyman Community Accountant 301-596-2600 ext. 454
Jon Miskimon Community Accountant 301-596-2600 ext. 455


Keana Brown Community Administrator 301-596-2600 ext. 324
Marie Gatti Community Administrator 301-596-2600 ext. 322
Pamela Lineback Community Administrator 301-596-2600 ext. 122
Letitia Thomas Community Administrator 301-596-2600 ext. 200
Mary Underwood Community Administrator 301-596-2600 ext. 422
Mike Howell Community Assistant 301-596-2600 ext. 121

Contact CVI

6300 Woodside Court, Suite 10
(Doors I and J)
Columbia, MD 21046

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Did You Know

Maryland law requires homeowners association and condominium owners to disclose specific information regarding the community and their property upon resale including, but not limited to, all official association documents, covenants and restrictions, a statement of fees and/or assessments of the association, a statement of any outstanding rule violations, and more.